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Small red spot in male bladder

Had bladder cancer 7 years ago and after yearly scope a small red spot visible on bladder. Dr. did a urine analysis and it revealed cancer cells in urine. He has scheduled surgery to remove red spot to see if it contains cancer. my concern is my surgery is schedule 55 days from finding cancer cells is this normal to wait for surgery this long-he showed me the spot it look fairly small and no visible raised areas-just wondering because when I had bladder cancer 7 years ago it was different I was passing a lot of blood and had a large tumor between stage 2-3 Doctor almost immediately did surgery and follow-up treatment-anyone experience this wait time?

  1. @bill6047 - I assume that schedules are busy due to so many cancellations last year etc. What I always do when making appts that seem too far out is to make sure the scheduler notes that I be contacted first should there be a cancellation. I have been moved up several times when an opening arises. It never hurts to ask and another option is to reach out to the office weekly to see if any opening have happened just to let them know you would be interested. They normally are happy to fill a cancelled appointment with one phone call versus several. Good luck to you and sending prayers you way that this all works out for you. My very best Linda ( moderator, team member)

    1. Thanks for the reply-I will try to reach out with the nurse but on my first attempt I sensed that she was annoyed with me and then when my primary Doctor did the urine test and it showed a little blood her response again was get use to it this is normal for a tumor to bleed so I feel a attitude with the entire staff with no compassion, maybe me knowing how serious my last battle with bladder cancer was,and I only have Medicare with a supplement to go with it maybe this is a problem with Doctor

      1. @bill6047 - if you are not satisfied with your medical providers it might be time to consider other options. Your concerns should be properly and professional addressed and you should never feel like you have annoyed these people. Their job is to treat you and it should be as soon as possible. I have Medicare advantage and have never had a problem. Please keep us posted as to how things go. My best to you. Linda ( moderator, team member)

    2. @bill6047 - Have you had any update or been able to schedule your appt any sooner? I hope so. Please let us know how things are going as I know that waiting can be very stressful. My best to you. Linda (moderator, team member)

      1. Hi , I wanted to check-in and see how things were going since you first posted. Have you been able to move up your appointment? How are you doing as a whole? Recurrence can be extremely disheartening so I hope that you're able to take it slow and one day at a time both mentally and physically. Rooting for you!! -Jada ( team member)

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