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Drinking Water

When I was diagnosed with bladder cancer last year, my surgeon went through a list of causes to see if any applied to me. None did! He then asked me how much water I drank per day and where does it come from.

I told him I drink about a gallon a day because I do a lot of excersise, sports and outside activity. He then educated me on what could be in the water I drink and how it may cause bladder cancer! I started doing my research and WOW was I floored at what I uncovered! Where the water is drawn from, how it is processed and stored can contribute to the levels of acidic carcinogens and arsenic! Even well water and bottled water can contain high levels of arsenic!

So I really started researching how my county water was treated and which bottled waters were the purest with fewest contaminants! It was shocking to say the least! I recommend everyone fighting this type cancer do their research, it will open your eyes!

  1. Thank you for starting a forum about this important topic, . I hope to hear more discussion about drinking water and bladder cancer. We do know that arsenic in drinking water has been linked to bladder cancer (more on that here:, however I wasn't aware it could be found in bottled water. Were you able to have the water at your home tested for contaminants? -Sarah ( Team Member)

    1. Wow - what an interesting read. I am a bottle water drinker at work and have always purchased Dasani. I read that under 5.5 Ph is not good for your teeth and so I may need to change up by bottled water.........thank you for this very informative post Linda ( moderator, team member)

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