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How do you manage urinary incontinence or leaking?

Looking for tips and ideas, would like to hear what has worked for others.

  1. I often experience leaking after any procedure I receive, whether it's a TURBT, Cystoscopy or BCG, I'm always left dealing with this problem. It doesn't last, as I do a number of things to speed up the healing process. I keep everything on a low level for a couple of days after any procedure, so not to increase any pressure on my bladder. I drink plenty of water and prevent taking on any fluids that may irritate that area, such as coffee or any acid type drinks. When I'm feeling strong enough I go through a light muscle tightening routine, whilst laying down, by squeezing the muscles around my pelvic floor. I do three sets of 10 slowly, followed by three sets of 10 fast. This last no longer than 5/10 minutes and I do this morning and evening. I've also took to attending 'Pilates', classes. This is a very light, but effective workout and a way of strengthening your core muscles. I wasn't keen on wearing pads, (I did try) so took to wearing white underwear so I could accurately monitor what was happening down there. So as mentioned earlier, my leaks don't last and I believe my exercises and diet go along way to achieving this. - Noel, Team Member

    1. I had problems with leakage, after first having neo-bladder surgery. I got a Suzanne Sommers 'Thigh-Master', on eBay. I only use the blue squeeze thingy, and it has reduced my leakage to zero. I just started out using in, after I learned to void the mucus and urine. Just do as many reps as you are comfortable with, initially. You will gradually build up, and you will find yourself using fewer and fewer pads, until you can do without them, altogether.

      1. Hi TrueAirSpeed,

        I'm so glad that the Suzanne Sommers 'Thigh-Master' has helped you to reduce your leakage to zero! This is helpful information for others who might be looking for exercises to strengthen these muscles. Thank you so much for sharing here with the community.

        -Sarah ( Team Member)

    2. who knew it could be so eazy ---i been having problems with wetting the bed--i been going nuts --at 72 it should not be ....

      1. sorry to hear about the issues you have been having. Have you spoke to a urologist about it? Laura, Moderator, BladderCancer

      2. @pepe528 - When I had incontinence issues I chose the easy way out and used adult diapers for a while. They really were not uncomfortable and some brands are not bulky at all. It was not what I wanted to but for that time it allowed me to go out with confidence and not worry. My best. Linda ( moderator, team member)

    3. yes i have ---this leakage is driving me crazy ----

      1. perhaps try speaking to a different urologist. There are many things they can do now to help. Laura, Moderator,

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