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I have had pelvic area pain, sometime its hurts when my bladder is full when to a Dr back in April and was told prolley a uti, given cipro as was told that was best for a male uti...pain went away about half way through the antibotics and then returned, had the pain off and on over the next few months and about a month ago had large amounts of pain in lower left quadrant.....went to prompt care was told its diverticulitis and given augmenton pain went away, then returned a week after finished anitbotics pain was now on center of pelvic area dr order urine test to check for any traces of blood and there was 0 check kindeys liver etc everything great....ordered ultra sound of bladder kidneys and such that was last Friday. By Sunday pain gone....and got results today and was told there is a mass on my lower bladder radiologist is strongly leaning towards prostate but wants to do a ct and I am scared out of my mind now of bladder cancer 🙁

  1. I am a 41 male

    1. I am waiting on insurance to Auth it, seems like they take forever I called my Dr this morning and she again said the radiologist is leaning strongly towards swollen prostate given location....and she also reminded me we have had my urine checked alot in tbe last months and never found so much as a tiny spec of blood and for me to remain calm. Which is easier said than done but I am still waiting

    2. I can only imagine how scary waiting for those results must be. You are right to call the doctors and the insurance company if you feel the process is taking too long. It is your right. And we know that early detection is key when it comes to cancer. Please don't wait too long for insurance. Empower yourself and keep nudging them to move. After all, your health is at stake. Take care! ~Jacqueline, Moderator (, Advocate)

  2. @Concerned - I am so sorry that you have had to go through so much to get any answers but happy that you stayed vigilant. Unfortunately many of us are misdiagnosed in the beginning or our symptoms are thought to be from a UtI or similar. Do you have a urologist ? I would suggest that you have a doctor review your tests and determine what is going on and have a plan moving forward. Try not to let your head to go in crazy directions as difficult as it may be. Hopefully your CT is scheduled soon and you will have more specific information. Please keep us updated as to how things are going as we are here to help and support you. It may not be anything serious so take a breath and work with your doctor to get answers. My best. Linda ( moderator, team member)

    1. Thank you for your response, yeah it's scary for sure. My dr did say the radiologist is leaning towards a swollen prostate given the location of the mass and it was on a ultra sound....and my doctor said that my urine showed no signs of cancer or blood or what ever etc and all my blood work is good just still scared out of my mind

      1. Hi , sending you my best. I understand how scary this all must be especially being so young. It's good to hear that your blood work isn't showing anything alarming, that's a good reason to take this all one day at a time until you get concrete answers. Have you set a date for CT scan? -Jada ( team member)

        1. we are waiting for insurance to Auth it so we can get is scheduled

        2. hi. Hoping you got the insurance sorted. Waiting for next steps is the difficult part but once you have a plan, take it step by step. We are always here to support if we can. Laura, moderator.

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