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Hi I am 34 year old female, I am worried I have bladder cancer but I’m not sure what to ask the doctors to test for, any advise would be very helpful
Thank you

  1. hi. Sorry to hear you are feeling unwell. If you take a look at this article it will tell you more about common symptoms and how they diagnose it. Remember some symptoms can be symptoms of things other than bladder cancer but any symptoms should be checked out. Let us know how you get on when you see the doctor. Laura, Moderator,

    1. Thank you Laura that’s very helpful
      Will let you know what the doc says this evening 😏 x

      1. thank you. Thinking of you and wishing you well. Laura, Moderator,

      2. @Sabrina - Great news that you are having those tests and that your medical professional is taking this seriously and looking for answers for you. I hope that you have information soon. Please keep us updated as we are here to support you. My best. Linda Urbanski (moderator, team member)

    2. @worried - I am not a medical professional and cannot provide medical advice but - I would suggest seeing a urologist and letting him or her know your symptoms and concerns. That professional should perform appropriate tests to provide answers. Your concerns about possibly having cancer are enough to seek further professional help. Please take the time to look into this and get the answers to your concerns. Please keep us updated on what you find out. My best. Linda Urbanski ( moderator team member)

      1. Thank you Linda
        I saw a consultant this eveing, he has booked me for a CT scan and camera so I’m hoping these will be the right tests to rule anything out

        1. that’s great news. I am glad you have taken the next steps. I hope the results are good for you. As a community we are always here to support. Let us know how you get on. Laura, Moderator,

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