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Zantac Seems to Have Caused My Bladder Cancer

Has anyone else in this forum taken Zantac prior to being diagnosed with bladder cancer? I used Zantac on-and-off for several years to relieve heartburn and acid indigestion. It worked really well! Since I have never been a smoker, and since nobody else in my family ever had this cancer, Zantac seems to be the likely suspect. I'd be interested to know if there are others in the forum who took this drug. Thanks.

  1. -in-suncity one of my colleagues wrote the following article last summer. It is the only information on our site discussing this. Maybe @TK Sellman would have some more input on this. I did not take heartburn meds personally prior to my diagnosis and had virtually no risk factors. Sometimes, there's just no rhyme or reason.
    ~Liz, Moderator

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      I wanted to check-in and see how you've been. Were you able to get any updates or answers? - Jada ( team member)

      1. -in-sincity I also was not a smoker and the only person in my family to be diagnosed with any form of cancer. I assume mine was second hand smoke but will probably never know. I am just very thankful that my cancer was caught at an early stage. My best to you. Linda ( moderator, team member)

      2. Glad to hear they caught your cancer early, Linda. Mine is now Stage 4. I'm being treated with immunotherapy, and will get a CT scan in May to make sure it's working well. I'm so glad I never opted for chemo though. I feel strong and able to fight this for a long time.

    2. Thanks for the interesting article, Liz. Luckily, since I have eliminated all alcohol in my diet and cut down on coffee and tea, I no longer have heartburn or acid reflux. I'm pretty convinced that it was the Zantac that caused my cancer -- as you probably know, there are many thousands of people (if not more) who took ranitidine and now have cancer. Ugh! You have to wonder how are FDA could have missed this!

      1. -in-suncity you're welcome. I am glad you found the article interesting. I've been pretty fortunate in that area and really have never experienced heartburn or acid reflux. When I have, it was so brief that I never needed medication for it. I've never been a drinker so I didn't even realize that alcohol could cause those things! I do drink coffee and tea, but not in large amounts.

        I used to work in a medical office and I'm guessing that if the FDA didn't know about this effect that it was not in any of the literature submitted to them by the GI researchers. I often wonder why long-term studies and follow-up studies are not mandated in the medical community. ~Liz, Moderator

      2. -in-suncity. I found that cutting out caffeine as much as possible made a huge difference in my digestion issues. I was never a coffee or tea drinker and very little pop but cutting out most things with caffeine made a noticeable difference. I am very cautious as to what prescription and OTC med I take. I am happy to hear that you have had a positive outcome by eliminating certain things from your diet. My best to you. Linda ( moderator, team member)

    3. Hey ! I read this new study that recently came out discussing Zantac and bladder cancer. Have you seen it?

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