By Curtis Garbett - February 19, 2018
During the course my chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatments to treat my bladder cancer, I did have caregivers who spent a lot of time with me during those difficult times. I wanted to... READ MORE

By Jennifer Toth - February 8, 2018
As you know, I was diagnosed four years ago with Lung Cancer and had my entire left lung removed and have been in active treatment ever since. Chemotherapy, radiation, chemotherapy and radiation... READ MORE

By Editorial Team - February 4, 2018
Did you know that February 4th is World Cancer Day? People battle cancer every day, and the efforts to raise awareness and find a cure happen year round. But on this day,... READ MORE

By Curtis Garbett - February 2, 2018
Over the course of my chemotherapy, I learned some care tips that wanted pass along to those bladder cancer patients who are just beginning the chemotherapy journey or are currently going through... READ MORE

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