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"Sharing your journey is ultimately the cornerstone of resiliency. Not only do you have the opportunity to help others by getting your experience out in the open, but you are helping yourself heal – physically and emotionally – from the battle wounds of cancer." – Bladder Cancer Advocate Liz Hiles

Living with bladder cancer is not easy. Sure, you can do all the research, but nothing compares to hearing the firsthand experiences of fellow bladder cancer survivors. That is why we're reaching to you. Your voice could help make someone feel less alone or possibly help bring awareness to someone else's life.

Sharing your unique perspective

Living with bladder cancer can be confusing, frustrating, and downright scary. Unfortunately, no doctor can help you perspective on:

  • Is it normal to feel this way after getting diagnosed?
  • What does a TURBT feel like?
  • How does intimacy change after your diagnosis?
  • How did you grapple between radical cystectomy or bladder preservation?

Only another bladder cancer community member can give you this type of insight. Only YOU can provide this type of insight. This is why we would like to feature you and your story on our homepage!

We welcome the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Why YOUR story matters

By sharing our stories, we raise awareness and support others going through this confusing journey. Your voice could help support another person on this globe who may be going through a tough time with their bladder cancer journey.

Sharing your bladder cancer story

Being vulnerable can be scary, but research has shown that sharing your story can be good for your health. You may even be wondering, do others really care what I think?

We will let you in on a little secret: Yes, they do.

In fact, we recently asked our community members, "After hearing about other people's experiences, do you feel less alone?" The numbers prove this: 80 percent said YES!

How do I start?

Great question! We have made the process extremely easy for you!

    • Step 1: You can click this Google form and answer as many questions as you would like. Ideally, answering 4 to 5 is great, but the more, the better.

Fill out this form to be featured:

  • Step 2: Take time to answer the questions. We ask for thoughtful responses to these questions. Details are great.
  • Step 3: Upload a photo if you would like! We would love to see your face! If you upload a photo, please make sure is a good-quality photo – no blurry or otherwise distorted photos.

Do not forget to make it personal

No 2 experiences with bladder cancer are the same, so no 2 stories are the same. This is your time to share how the experience made you feel.

What things were confusing? What revelations did you make? What helped you get by? The things that seem small may be the same things that inspire or help another person relate.

Be sure to incorporate some personal touches to make your story unique to you. Whether it is your raw emotions, sense of humor, or writing your story like a poem or song, your story can be as unique as you are!

There are also other ways to support!

Not yet ready to share your story? That is okay! You can also always support someone by checking out our community forums and helping answer questions others may have. You have the ability to read other people's stories and follow some of our community advocates to see how their lives have unfolded since their diagnosis.

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