Bladder Cancer at Age 45

Hi. It all started with a very bad UTI that lasted over ten days. Went back to the GP and had more tests done. Said it was kidney stones as was passing little stones.

Bad news

Then, I was bleeding when going to the toilet. I rang and told her. Ordered CT scan right away. Took two hours as they thought they were checking on kidney stones. Nope. Next day back at go. Bad news - bladder cancer.

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I had the op on 24th July. They removed cancer. Then biopsy done 28th August. All clear.

Starting BCG treatment

Now I will be starting BCG treatment on 2nd October. Not really looking forward to it. This fatigue sounds bad and I work nights.

Only 45. Anyway guys if you could give me any insight or happy news about cancer please do.

What age were you at diagnosis?

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