BCG After Effects

At the first out of five visits I had some blood. But then it went away. I reported it to the doctor.

Blood in urine and urgency from BCG

Second one, blood again, but then it went away. Third time not as much blood, fourth time even less blood. The fifth time I had a lot of urgency. I practiced by going to bathroom and stopping halfway and holding it, so I built up some tolerance.

It’s sort of gone away a little bit, but I still have a sense of urgency after sitting down for a while. I get up to start being active again, but I have a tendency to hold off now a little bit more than at first.

Taking days off from work after BCG

I work in construction and each procedure I take the day off. The next day I was a little tentative each time, but things worked out. Good luck to all and don’t be afraid to give me some feedback.

God bless and good luck to all.

Have you had blood in urine?

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