A Story of Frustration, Depression and Feeling Hopeless

I was diagnosed with bladder cancer June 2017. That was in Florida. I moved to North Carolina April of 2018.

I am on my 3rd Urologist since then.

Surgeries, BCG, scopes, scans

I have had many surgeries to remove the cancer, many BCG treatments, cystoscopies, CT scans, MRI’s and it seems that the cancer just keeps getting more and more aggressive.

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It is a High Grade Cancer that isn’t in my muscles yet. My left kidney has cancer too. There was talk of removing it, but because the cancer just won’t go away and my right kidney is partially blocked, well.

It is rough, emotionally and physically

No one knows what to do for me. So I am sitting here wondering should I just forget about going through all of this “fun stuff” and just live out my life as best as I can or what??? I’m pretty much “over it”. It’s been a very challenging, rough, painful (emotionally and physically) 2 and 1/2 years.

Thank you letting me post this.

How has cancer impacted you emotionally?

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