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Ways to help someone who is coping with bladder cancer?

What was the nicest or most helpful thing someone did for you while you were coping with bladder cancer?

  1. When my first husband faced a Stage IV bladder cancer diagnosis, it was most helpful when people simply did things for us. For instance, rather than saying "call me if I can do anything" (which puts the burden on the patient and caregiver to ask -- and that's hard to do -- a friend would stop by and say I made some food this weekend and here is some for you. No asking, no pressure, just a kind and practical offering.

    1. Renata, this is an excellent point. It can feel like a burden to ask for help after a diagnosis, even if it was offered. Receiving help without having to ask can be such a blessing during difficult times. Even the simple things like preparing food can be so helpful. Thank you for sharing about your experience with the community.

      -Sarah ( Team Member)

  2. The nicest thing somebody did for me while coping with bladder cancer so far has been.......before my first surgery to remove the tumors from my bladder my coworkers all got together and pitched in some of their money to help me during my healing process. I took 2 weeks off. I'm a server in a restaurant. The thought that they all, including my boss took their hard earned tips and earnings to help me was overwhelming! We all work so hard,it just meant so much to my little family! They all said it wasn't much,but it was the world to me!

    1. Brandy78, How sweet of your coworkers to put that together for you! Having 2 weeks off of your serving job to recover from surgery without having to worry must have been so helpful in your healing process. Knowing that they took money out of their hard earned work makes it so meaningful. I'm so glad that you had support from your coworkers during this time, and I thank you for sharing about it here!

      -Sarah ( Team Member)

  3. My daughter rearranged her house to make me a comfy room to recoup in. She redecorated a room. New carpet,curtains,bedspread, TV. I felt very special.

    1. Hi ducky1, what an amazing thing for your daughter to have done, such great support. It's very important to feel this support from loved ones and it does make you feel special. I do have similar support from my 2 daughters so I know how this feels. I hope you've enjoyed the comforts laid on for you! In regards to not having a 'go to person' I do resonate with this too. I know we have loved ones that do there best to support and care for us but having someone there that fully understands what you are going through would be a very welcomed addition. I've used this site for a lot of the additional support I need and I hope we can be here for you to.

      Sorry to hear that you weren't able to start your BCG treatment. We all recover differently from procedures and not healing in time to recieve additional treatment is something that occurs quite often. Going from CIS to T1 doesn't mean that your cancer is spreading. The biopsy after your TURBT would have given a better diagnosis than the scope and having a T1 still means that the cancer was within the bladder lining making it non-invasive. I hope you are able to heal real soon so you can strait your treatment. Plenty of water and cutting back on any products that irritate the bladder will help tremendously with the healing process. Thank you for keeping us updated and good luck with your next phase of treatment - Noel, ( Team Member)

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