Diagnosed 2-17-22 Part 2

Hi to all, I think part one (read here) was getting kind of long so I am starting a part 2.

My initial consult went very well, I like the VA doctor, it was like talking with an old friend. He asked what kind of work had I done after the military. I told him I was a combat medic in the Army and a cook in the Navy and mostly I worked as an orderly in the local hospital.

Building faith in my doctor

That got him to talk about how his first job was as an orderly, we started talking about how we used to do some of the same procedures, which you can't do nowadays with a license. He was in Louisiana and I was in North Carolina but we shared a lot of the same experiences.

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Discussion treatment options

Finally, he said let's talk about your treatment, he explained how and why he was using BCG. He said of course he could get BCG because the VA is government, lol. He explained why my tumor was considered low grade by comparing it to layers and how mine didn't make it past the first layer.

Treatment isn't pretty

I don't know if he was pulling my leg or not though when he explained what would happen during the BCG. He said he would insert a catheter and then the BCG and I would have to roll around on the table for 2 to 3 hours to mix it up and coat my bladder evenly ??? I guess I will find out next week.

I will keep everyone posted and thanks for all the prayers, thoughts, and comments, you all are a great group of people.

This is my story.

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