Ineligible for Bladder Removal

Started with UTI June 1918 blood protein in urine. Antibiotics June ..July ...Aug ..Sept referred for kidney scan. Radiography said I was in the wrong dept and needed to see a urologist urgently. That afternoon was rung and appt made for urologist.

My treatment journey

2019 Jan 1st biopsy diagnosed stage 3 carcinoma in situ and started after initial chemotherapy via bladder in recovery ..6 BCG biopsies again, and a further 3 doses BCG fresh area found again urologist called me I prior to theatre to say no further BCG and he wouldn't remove my bladder...follow up 3 weeks in outpatients.

Cannot have my bladder removed

Met with my urologist the BCG didn't work and due to COPD, asthma, degenerative spine and high BMI. Wouldn't remove my bladder he said I wouldn't make 30 days after surgery. Radium may be an option after my next cystoscopy. So I am in a no win situation. Anyone else in a similar situation?

Oh, also, I am 71 in January.

What is your treatment journey?

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