Keytruda and Bladder Cancer

I was diagnosed with noninvasive high grade. Had 6 doses of BCG and had cystoscopy and TURBT. Came back low grade. Had 3 more BCG (why only 3?), scope, and TURBT came back high grade. Urologist recommended surgery.

Learning about a Keytruda trial

Two weeks before surgery, I came across info about a Keytruda trial. I investigated it with a different urologist who submitted me for the trial. I was not a candidate because of the second BCG treatments. Decided to see an oncologist who started me on Keytruda (during this time, it was approved for standard bladder cancer protocol).

During a review with my new urologist, he realized that I had not received (2) full six doses of BCG. Temporarily stopped Keytruda and had 6 doses of BCG. Will have scope in 6 weeks.

Have you been treated with Keytruda?

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