No support from family. Thanks!

Diagnosed with Bladder Cancer in Feb 2021. Stage T2 tumor removed April 21. Worked the rest of the school year as a remote teacher. Have not recovered stamina since then. Went through my BCG's and 3-month cystoscopes. 2 so far.

Things are looking better health wise

I've had diabetes for a while, somewhat controlled. Had a triple bypass and my family left me without food or Rx for a week. Now with cancer, the spouse says "get over it". She came to an appt. Doc said I was cancer-free...for now.

Cancer free doesn't mean "back to normal'

Yes, it could come back. Spouse said ok, "he can now mow the lawn, etc". She wasn't listening. I'm old enough to retire and I am. At least work has helped by letting me go back to teaching until Feb 2022, when I do retire. Having this cancer has alienated my kids. Want both I g to do with me. Never smoked, drugs, carcinogenic paints or fumes. It just happens. Once I retire I'm moving out and will live on my own.

That is my story.

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