It Wasn't Just My Prostate

In August of 2016, I started passing blood off and on, urologist did the scope, said it was an enlarged prostate. Put me on Proscar (finasteride). Did nothing but give me ED. About 1 year later, passed pure blood, went to ER, they redid the scope and found bladder cancer. Started chemo in September and in December 2017, I had a complete bladder and prostate removal. I feel something was missed back in 2016, but too late now.

Living without my bladder

I have a stoma and use the Hollister two piece system. It takes some time and learning getting in to the routine. Have CAT and x-rays every 4 months, so far so good, but you cannot lose that fear as when will the next shoe drop.

Support is critical

I have a FANTASTIC wife that has and is standing with me. You need support in this life change, Life and activities are somewhat limited and that make you depressed at times. Talk to those that have and are in the same situation because you are NOT alone. I have met people that have lived with ostomies for over 30 years. Learning to live each day and tomorrow is another day. Have faith and hope.

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