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Did you experience blood in urine before your bladder cancer diagnosis?

If so, when and how did you seek medical attention? If not, what was the first warning sign or symptom you experienced?

  1. Yes - I was diagnosed following microscopic traces of blood were detected in a urine test. The test was for an unrelated issue. If I hadn’t been diagnosed it might have not manifested itself visibly for years.

    1. jmcguinness, I'm glad that the traces of blood were detected in your urine test. It must make you pretty fortunate to know that you caught it early on. Thank you for sharing with the community! -Sarah ( Team Member)

  2. Yes I did, was told not to worry drink less ice tea and more water

    1. Interesting, Memaroxy, were you told this before or after your diagnosis? -Sarah ( Team Member)

    2. Before my diagnosis. Treated for uti, possible kidney stones. I finally started testing with dip sticks at home then told md wanted cytology done. He agreed and came back atypical cells. Had cystoscopy then TURBT. I am a nurse should have picked up on it sooner ugh

  3. Yes, at the time, that was my only symptom.

    1. I did experience blood in my urine before I was diagnosed. I had passed kidney stones in the past and I thought I had mused passed a stone. However, after discussing the blood in the urine with my kidney doctor, and rheumatologist they suggested a CT scan just to see if I did indeed have kidney stones. From the results of the scan, I did have a stones day also a tumor in my bladder. I was referred to an amazing Urologist and he performed my first cystoscopy. It was determined then I had a 2.5cm tumor and one month later I went in for a TURBT.

      1. When you're experiencing symptoms, it can be difficult to differentiate. I'm glad that you were able to discuss the blood in urine with your doctor and that they suggested you get a scan. How are you doing now? -Sarah ( Team Member)

      2. Good Afternoon,
        Thank you for the link. I see I'm not the only one who has had this same experience.
        I am doing good. Thank you for asking.
        As a follow-up to my TURBT, my Dr. recommended that I do a 6 week instillation of Gemcitabine to try to eradicate any other tumors. My last treatment will be next week. Then I will go in for a follow-up Cystiscopy in December.

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