Son diagnosed at 38

My son was just diagnosed with high grade stage 4 bladder cancer. The sad thing is that he had been referred to a urologist for an enlarged prostate. He had a cystoscope that was interpreted as normal. He had to be catheterized in the ER because his urine had backed up into his kidneys. Then he went to the ER for bloody urine.

More blood, more suprises

They flushed out the blood and put a huge catheter in. When he went back again for bloody urine, they hospitalized him for surgery on his prostate. They were totally surprised to find a large tumor. It was high grade bladder cancer with Mets to the prostate, lungs, liver, bone and rectum.

Treatment way forward

He finished 1 cycle of chemo and had 1 infusion of the second cycle when they paused it to start radiation for pain relief. He has been on long-release morphine 3x daily along with oxycodone every 6 hours with little pain relief. The ball was dropped for this poor kid!

This is his story.

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