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Radical Cystectomy Gave Me Time

My diagnosis happened over 16 years ago. The threads I have read after finding this site it lead me to believe that a lot of advancement has happened since then. I had BCG chemo, was told it was usually effective. Not for me. Tumor was aggressive and could break out through the wall.

It was my only shot

Radical was my only chance and I took it. I jumped at the option of a neo bladder. I have read of fast recoveries of late, robotic options, etc. My post-op was (being honest) a nightmare. The worst 24 hours of my life, even with a morphine pump in my hand. I spent 7 days in intensive care, followed by 6 months of hard work to regain the fitness I had when diagnosed.

It gave me more time with my love

My goal at the time was getting enough time to continue the care of the love of my life. The morbidity rate at the time was less than 5 years for bladder cancer. I needed 7 more years, as it turned out, ending with my loved one's' passing. I am forever grateful to my doctor and staff that gave me this time. 16 years after the op I'm turning 77 soon and still a 7 days a week gym rat.

This is my story.

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