Takes my breath away

My name is Michelle and I like most people get up and go to work everyday looking forward to the day I can retire and just enjoy the simple things in life. Well in September 2021 I noticed blood in my urine which I never had except when I had a period which stopped when I was 47 now at 61.

Ultrasound results took my breath away

After seeing that I knew something not good was going on, so I at my upcoming Dr appointment my Dr sent me for an ultrasound and the results showed 2 masses in the bladder. At that point, I was sent to a urologist and it was confirmed that it was Bladder cancer and they scheduled me for surgery.

Stress and self destruction

Needless to say I felt like the life has just been sucked out of me and I have not been able to wrap my head around it yet. I too am a smoker and I am struggling with quitting. I walk around blaming myself for such a rotten addiction and being so stressed out while still trying to work my 13 hours a day job and trying to take care of my home, and take care of my 93 year old mom and the dogs.

Moving forward

I don’t know if I really had the time to take it all in. I did go through my treatments and in May after another exam learned another tumor appeared. I had another surgery this month and will start more treatments by August. I can’t talk to anyone at home or work I just can’t talk about it. I don’t know why. Could use a little feedback on this because I sure do feel alone.

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