Ups and Downs

Hi, I had my TURBT on August 5th, and they put one dose of mitomycin in for an hour straight after surgery.

I got my results Friday and have nonmuscle invasive cancer, which is aggressive. The surgeon said he had got it all, and it was small. I am now due to start BCG on September 20th as I'm going on holiday. They said it wouldn't make any difference a couple of weeks later, but now I'm worrying - will it make any difference?

3 years with BCG

I am on a course of BCG for 3 years I just hope it works. I worry about everything. I've read that recurrence is quite high than I read even if you have full bladder removal, you can still get cancer pop up somewhere else. I know I should stop reading everything, but when the Macmillian nurse told me that BCG only works for 65 percent of people (yes, I did ask), then I started looking.

One day I'm thinking they've got it, and the BCG is making sure it doesn't come back the next day I'm thinking it might not work - then what? I'm trying to stay positive.

A previous bout of breast cancer

I had breast cancer when I was 23 and had a mastectomy on one side because there was no internet then I just got on with it, and I'm still here 35 years later. And that was also aggressive, but I didn’t find that out until much later after treatment.

I wish I didn't know, and they just treated me life would be so much easier and far less stressful.

This is my story.

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