My Nanny is Now My Angel

My Nanny Kath was diagnosed with advanced aggressive muscle invasive bladder cancer on 21st December 2017 and our lives were turned upside down. Nanny had been having regular UTIs and the Dr just kept prescribing her antibiotics.

Finding lesions and a mass in her bladder

Nanny eventually had enough and was sent for a scan. She was then rushed through for a biopsy. We were told that there were a couple of lesions and a mass :( but we had to wait for confirmation at the appointment on 21st December.

I accompanied her to the appointment and I remember the waiting room being full and the appointment being late by at least an hour. When they called her name we went into the room and sat with a Dr.

I had been bitching to her about these nurses in dark blue uniforms with red around the collar. I didn't know who they were etc. When we sat down in the room she focused on the Dr and then one of these nurses entered...

"You have cancer"

I see her badge Macmillan nurse and that was it. The walls closed in and the Dr said, "you have cancer." I immediately got up and walked out, the McMillan nurse we had was useless she couldn't answer anything we had to ask we were made to feel awful speaking to her.

Urosepsis and complications

My Nanny had a nephrostomy tube inserted into the kidney to help drain urine as a temporary measure on boxing day. She contracted urosepsis and had a few days in hospital and was discharged. Then she started to deteriorate further.

She was admitted to hospital numerous times displaying signs of sepsis and despite being in the extreme high risk category she was discharged to her GP and was called out on numerous occasions and again wasn't interested and told her to sleep it off.

Nanny was due to have aggressive radiotherapy with a view to keeping the cancer at bay but she went into septic shock in January with her heart rate peaking at 218 beats per min so the radiotherapy was cancelled until she remained hospital free and sepsis free for 3 months. Sadly this never happened. Nanny ended up having another nephrostomy fitted as the tumour grew.

Gaining her wings in the comfort of her home

She was in hospital without fail every month we were on first name terms with paramedics and Drs. Nanny decided that she wanted to die at home surrounded by comfort and love and she gained her wings on 14th September 2018 at 2:55 AM.

We had to fight hard to get Nanny the things that she needed in order to remain comfy and pain free and we had to fight for her to have a dignified peaceful end.

I miss her dearly

It is not easy looking after someone with a terminal illness. I miss my Nanny dearly and wish I would've taken more photos and said more. She watched me be born and I watched her leave this world.

Please always ask for a second opinion. Never give up and always tell people you love them as we don't know what tomorrow holds.

Have you lost someone to bladder cancer?

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