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Advice to the Newly Diagnosed

What advice would you give to someone who has just been diagnosed with bladder cancer?

  1. Take a moment or two and breath. Try to avoid Dr. Google, he is terrifying.

    Write down any questions you have. When you see a doctor it can be very stressful and having questions written out is helpful.

    If you have someone you rely on, ask them to go to appointments with you. A support person can listen to a doctor with less emotional baggage than you (usually, lol)

    Find a community support network. An online support network can be helpful as well. Anything that will help you to stay engaged and encouraged is important.

    Know that you are not alone. You have just joined an elite club of amazing, powerful, strong people. A tribe of survivors. Let me be the first to welcome you to the tribe.

    Mac (site moderator)

    1. This is excellent advice, @machoward! I love the bit where you said to "avoid Dr. Google". It can be really tempting to look for info online, but sometimes this can cause us to jump to conclusions, leading to anxieties.
      -Sarah (BladderCancer.net Team Member)

  2. hey all i just wanted to wish this site a happy birthday--wow how time goes by ...also wanted to tell anybody who just got diagnosed -don't get all yor info from the net -- ask your doctor ,,,that what hes there for --also i want too wish sarah and the whole gang a very merry christmas---ps also sarah--- i still have my rollcoster magnet you sent ---its on my refrig door as we speak----thanks again ---hang in there -it could be a lot worst----------big carl

    1. Hi Big Carl! Thanks for stopping by to wish this site a happy birthday! That means so much to us. You shared some excellent encouragement to those who are newly diagnosed to always ask your doctor. As you said, "that's what they're there for"! They know your situation best. I'm thrilled to hear you've displayed our magnet on your refrigerator door. Thanks you for being part of our supportive community <3 We're wishing you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas! Take care, Sarah (BladderCancer.net Team Member)

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