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After radical cystectomy

When diagnosed was advised to have a radical cystectomy. I am worried about many things so I have not had it and it's been five years. Needing to know how dating, sex life, hormonal effects and how to have that uncomfortable conversation that follows telling someone new. Thank you

  1. @lelee I had RC/IC almost 7 years ago. My bladder and lymph nodes were removed along with having a total hysterectomy and part of my vagina removed. I was 63 at the time and I did not have a conversation about not taking part of my vagina but my doctors did say that due to the location to the bladder it was highly recommended. I had a prolapse 6 months later and had a minor procedure to put things pretty much back in place. I was given a dilator by my OB/GYN to lengthen my vagina and I used it. I did not have any problems with intimacy after that. How are things with you since you did not have RC? What treatment route did you choose instead? Has your cancer progressed during this time? This journey can be challenging and the decisions we have to make are difficult. I wish you the best. Linda ( moderator, team member)

    1. Thank you so much for your store. I have never heard of prolapse, so I google it and that's something new to think about.

    2. my vagina was shortened. Didn’t get really any support in that area. Bought dilators myself but not had much luck - perhaps I need to give it another go. Thanks for sharing. Laura, Moderator

  2. - I am curious as to how your diagnosis - stage and grade - has changed since your original diagnosis 5 years ago. Was RC suggested immediately after diagnosis? Linda ( moderator, team member)

    1. Yes, I am very picky also, that is why it is bothering me so much to make this difficult choice.

      1. Why has your doctor recommended RC? If it has been 5 years since that suggestion, has your state and/ or grade changed? Are your doctors still recommending RC? As for the prolapse that is not as common. Discuss what lady parts you may be able to keep. My choice was made with the goal of beating cancer first. Anyone who cares enough about you will certainly understand that choice.

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