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Am I being paranoid?

I hope someone could ease my mind. I have T1 grade 3 BC. So far this journey scares me to death. Due to bad medical care the first 6 months, to test results and pain now. I'll try to make my long story short. I started off with 2 tumors, after TURBT, and 6 BCG treatments 5 months later I had 10 more, I had them removed on Christmas eve 2019, Merry Christmas right? On December 22, I had a CT scan of my abdomen and it showed my liver is enlarged and one cyst it was done with no contrast...February 11 2020, I have the repeat TURBT one more tumor removed. Post op well like usual for the most part. This time I was given antibiotics, and noticed I was having more BM's then usual, but no big deal right it's the antibiotic doing it. About a week ago, my bladder pain came back but urinating hurts even more like 10 on the pain scale. Do I went to the doc he said UTI more antibiotics. But as time goes on I'm having so much pressure, I'm still having multiple BM's a day. I cant tell where the pressure is coming from but when I'm on the toilet it hurts so bad. Is my bladder inflamed is there anyway its putting pressure on my rectum, is that why the multiple BM'S or now do I worry about colon cancer? I was fine until my last surgery. Just had the usual pain from the surgery in December. I am scheduled for another CT scan with contrast in two days for my liver. But I dont know what doc would I talk to about the painful pressure.

  1. Hi , first off you are not irrational or "just" being paranoid about the new symptoms and pain you are experiencing. It sounds like your BM's have been pretty painful and uncomfortable. I encourage you to reach out to your medical team to see if they may offer some insight into your situation. Since this is something that is bothering you, speaking up at your next visit (regardless of which doctor) could help you start getting to the bottom of it. It can be unsettling and anxiety inducing when you are experiencing something new and you don't know what it could be! I am linking you to an article that talks about constipation which may be helpful ( Let us know how the CT scan goes. Thank you for sharing with us, I am thinking of you today! Sending over a hug. -Sarah ( Team Member)

    1. I am not a medical person, but I had terrible pressure and difficulty urinating when I was diagnosed with diverticulitis. I had pressure in that area because I had perforations between my rectum and my bladder. All of this was before I was diagnosed with BC. I hope your doctors have figured out what is wrong and that you're feeling better.

      1. Thank you for sharing ! How have you been? Has the diverticulitis been able to be managed since your BC diagnosis?

      2. @laureldg3 - I hope that you have found some relief from your diverticulitis. How are you doing now?
        Linda ( moderator, team member)

    2. After having diverticulitis three years in a row (each summer- 2002017, 2018, 2019) and being hospitalized each time, it was followed by a May 2020 diagnosis of Bladder Cancer, type 2, high grade muscle invasive. I was actually hospitalized for ischemic colitis and since I was scheduled for a cystoscopy the previous March (all cancelled due to Covid), I had the test performed while in the hospital recovering from colitis. I also had to have a colonoscopy two days later while I had a catheter from the cystoscopy, so doing the bowel prep with a catheter was no picnic!! The good news was that there was no cancer or diverticulitis. The bad news was that I had bladder cancer. I must tell you that so far I have been extremely fortunate. After four cycles of chemo, my cancer was gone. It seems that I have a mutation in my gene that causes me to respond well to chemo. I now go for cystoscopies every two months and catscans every three months since this cancer comes back more than any other. I am grateful every day that I still have my bladder. By the way, I had no symptoms at all. My gyn told me I had microscopic blood in my urine and she wanted me to get a second urine test. She said that many people have it and it was probably nothing. I would have had the cystoscopy much earlier but Covid hit so I was waiting. Thank goodness I was tested when I was! I was prepared to get the Indiana Pouch and was petrified. I do hope that you both are doing well and thank you so much for your comments.

      1. thanks for sharing! Diverticulitis is no picnic! I cannot imagine having to do bowel prep while being catheterized! WOW! Glad to hear things are going well for you though. A major surgery like a RC/Indiana Pouch, is a scary thing, but I had a RC with ileal conduit/urostomy and it is not the end of the world! You get beyond it and get back to life. Again, glad to hear you're doing well. ~Liz, Moderator

      2. @laureldg3 - I am glad that your gyn is suggesting a 2nd urine test as that hopefully will clear your mind. Please keep us posted as to your progress and results. Also know that should it ever be necessary to have your bladder out, there are many many of us who have had it and are doing great. My best to you. Linda ( moderator, team member)

    3. I think you misunderstood. All of that happened a year ago. Up until now, I've been cancer free after finishing four cycles of chemo on October 12, 2020. My surgeon recommended that I not have the surgery since I have a mutation in my gene that makes the cancer cells respond very well to chemo. I have to be tested every two months to make sure it hasn't come back. I am very very fortunate as I was expecting to have surgery. I hope that all of you are doing well. If it ever comes to my needing surgery, I will certainly rely on your support and experience.

      1. @Kitkat54 - How are you doing? Were you able to find out what is causing your colon issues? Please keep us updated as to your progress. I hope that you have received some answers and that things are better. Linda (moderator, team member)

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