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Artificial Bladder ie Neobladder

Does anyone here have experience with the Neobladder? My Husband's sister has an ileostomy due to bladder cancer. We are looking at a neobladder. Rob isn't a "computer" guy but he listens carefully to any comments anyone might want to make about this. He is having a radical scheduled for June 20th or when his clinical trials are done. Would really like to hear from people who are considering the same alternative AND those who have experience with a neobladder. I greatly appreciate this site!

  1. @Robiniris - I have an IC but know several people who have a NEO. I believe you will be able to find information comparing the 3 options for diversions on BCAN if you type it in the search area. If he can actually meet with someone who has one that would be great. My best to you both. He is very fortunate to have you be so involved in this decision with him. Linda Urbanski ( moderator, team member)

    1. @Robiniris - Not sure if you have had responses from others not on this page but I am curious. Is his surgeon one who routinely does both the IC and NEO or will the surgeon be determined when your husband makes his final decision. I am not medically trained but have found over my years as an advocate that many surgeons primarily have the majority of their experience in one diversion. Hope that things are going well. My best Linda Urbanski ( Linda Urbanski, Moderator, team member)

      1. hi. This is a good introductory article Laura, Moderator,

        1. this one is written by someone talking about making the decision which may help too. Laura, Moderator,

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