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BCG and urinary infections

My dad was going in for his third BCG installment and was sent home due to having an infection once they analyzed his urine. Is this typical? Will he have to start his six weeks of BCG treatment all over again now that missed a week? Is there any way to avoid infections in the future?

  1. hi. I am unfortunately not medically trained so can’t provide specific advice. I can say from reading the experiences of others that it is coming to get a UTI during treatment and for others to have the symptoms but no infection. I don’t think from what I have read, he would need to re-start. You can of course clarify this with your medical team. Here is an article that may be of interest. hope the infection clears and he can resume treatment soon. Wishing him well. Let us know how he goes. Take care, Laura, Moderator,

    1. urinary infections are common during /just before /after BCG therapy, and your father will start from where he stopped ( not restart ). BCG is avoided during active infections to prevent complications (so its good that they detected an infection )
      My prayers for your fathers speedy recovery to good health

      1. Good Morning. How are you today? Thanks for sharing your experience and tips. Fellow members here sharing their experiences to help others is what we are all about. Have a great day. Laura, Moderator,

    2. - how is your father doing now? I hope that things are getting better and that he is able to resume his treatments soon. My best Linda Urbanski ( moderator, team member)

      1. on the antibiotics finally and waiting to use up and take two extra days to clear system and then he will try again. Thanks for asking.

      2. that’s great news. Good he will soon be back in track. Let us know how he goes. Laura, Moderator,

    3. Hi, Captain Rich here. Monday will be my 6th Bcg treatment and so far so good. They do test me prior to each dose. I've been told infections and uti's are common. I don't believe you have to start over but was told it could take weeks to rid the infection. My problem after treatment #2 was extreme pain urinating and very frequently. Go to a CVS and in women's uti section get these pills called AVO. They are 50 mg, take 2, three times the day of your treatment as soon as you get home. Your urine will be orange but No Pain. Was a life saver for me. Did he get a pill or pills to take for infection as soon as he gets home. After my 6th on Monday I have an appointment in 6 weeks for a cystoscope in the office. I'm dreading it and will require them rest of my life every 3 months. It's scary cause it does come back sometimes I'm told. Best of luck to your Dad, hope he gets back on track.
      Captain Rich

      1. Great news that your treatments have gone so well. Thank you for sharing an over the counter product that worked for you with pain relief. You are almost done with the BCG so that great also. Assume that it worked until you hear otherwise. I firmly believe that having a good attitude throughout all of these challenging treatments and tests makes a difference and reduces the accompanying stress. My best to you and please continue to keep us updated. Linda Urbanski ( moderator, team member)

      2. thanks for your response. Good point on the womens uti meds. I will tell him about that. He’s on antibiotics now and now that I see your post I understand why nobody was in a rush because they infection has to go away before they process. Hang in there with the testing- so no it’s no run and it’s a forever thing but it will keep up here with us.

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