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BCG & Covid-19 Vaccine

I see some of the discussion on BCG side effects are almost 2 years old. I am starting my first BCG treatment tomorrow. Not sure what to expect. Keeping my fingers crossed. I have 6 weeks of BCG treatment on a weekly basis. I did consult my Urologist multiple times about taking Covid-19 vaccine shots - he gave me green light to get it. I took my first (Moderna) shot in mid Jan. My second (booster) shot will be on 2/9, just a day after my second BCG treatment.

I am reading, with BCG one could get fever / flu like symptom for a day or two. Interestingly the same is expected for Covid second shot (although none of that with first shot). Doe anyone have insight into what to expect.

I certainly will be talking to my Urologist in detail about this tomorrow during my first BCG treatment.

  1. @mettur good luck tomorrow! I have not had BCG, but here's an article from a former colleague who did. It might be useful for you.


    Let us know how things go.

    It is interesting that some side effects can be flu-like, like that of the COVID-19 vaccine. I have not experienced either, but interesting nonetheless.

    1. Thank you for the link. As one would expect, it looks like side effect do vary from person to person. Good thing I am getting it done Monday, I have entire week to recover and contact doctors if needed 😀

      1. You're welcome! From what I understand, most of the medications vary greatly from person to person, but there are some things that are "to be expected." The doctor should go over everything in detail when you see them tomorrow and that should include reasons to call them.

        Again, GOOD LUCK!

    2. Hi...joining in on discussion late, but I'm really interested in how it's going for mettur. I finished my 6th BCG dose two weeks ago. I have not had my Covid shot yet, but am concerned about it. My urologist also gave me the green-light to get it. How are you feeling after your initial BCG therapy?

      1. Well completed by first BCG session yesterday (just 24 hours ago) - no side effect so far - hope it stays that way 😀

        The way its going (without any side effects), it looks like I will keep my Covid second dose appointment. I talked to my Urologists about it, they said keep the appointment. If the side effects are severe, call them.

        @RichG, I am not sure how much of a side effect you have from BCG. If you are already done with your BCG, and debating about your Covid shot, I would say you may want to get the shot (do consult your physician). In my experience, the first shot (Moderna) has little to no side effect for me and most people. Only the second shot (which is 4 weeks after first), is the one has side effect for most people - weakness, slight fever etc. Good luck

    3. Way to go @mettur on knocking out that first round of BCG! Congratulations! I hope the rest go as smoothly!

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