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BCG Treatment starts today

I will be starting BCG treatments today. I have had two TURBT’s in the last 12 weeks for High grade non muscle invasive cancer. I’m really hoping all goes well. My Oncologist is putting me on 6 weeks of BCG, then a Cystoscope and then another 6 weeks on BCG. Has anyone had this type of schedule for treatment?

  1. Hi I really hope these treatments go well for you too. I am sending over a forum discussion which shares our community members experiences with this, I hope this is helpful: Jill, team

    1. Hi Elizabeth ~ I will be following you as my BCG begins next week, April 23. My first, and only TURBT was 8 weeks ago and I was beginning to get very nervous as to the long wait for the BCG treatments to begin. I will share my feedback as to how everything is scheduled for me once I have my first treatment this Tuesday coming. I will truly appreciate any feedback from you and your thoughts.

      1. sending you lots of strength. Jill, team

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