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What hospitals specialize in bladder cancer?

What hospital and where is considered a center of excellence for bladder cancer?

  1. Hi . The hospital is not as important as the DOCTOR. You need to look for doctors that specialize in bladder cancer. Depending on your stage and type of treatment, you may need to find a urologist and an oncologist to treat you.

    If you are in the United States, BCAN (the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network) has some great resources for those who are newly diagnosed.

    Different countries have different resources. If you have major hospitals in your area, you should be able to check the hospital websites to see which doctors specialize in bladder cancer for each specialty.

    Additionally, the partners of the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition may have information on doctors in your area. Those are listed at this site:

    Without knowing where you are located, it's challenging to give you more specific information.

    1. I agree with Liz. The skill and knowledge of your medical team is the most important thing. Over my years I have found that another important quality of an excellent physician is their ability to tell you when you need to see other professionals because the one(s) you are seeing have reached their capacity to help you. The best doctors see their limitations and acknowledge that and refer you to those who can best help. I was referred to an excellent urologist/oncologist group and actually went to a variety of hospitals for treatments and tests. The reason was the need to have me seen quickly to obtain an accurate diagnosis. For my RC I had a very well known surgeon in the group who had performed the surgery robotically for many years and in fact was the first surgeon to use the Davinci surgical system in our area. He was attentive and skilled. I did have my procedure at a level 1 trauma hospital so I was confident that anything that came up would be handled. I do know of people who only suggest using NCI hospitals or designated cancer centers. I found out after that my hospital was NCI but it would not have mattered to me. In my opinion, a good team should ensure you are in a good hospital. My best to you in your journey.
      Linda ( moderator, bladdercancer.net team member)

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