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Biopsy reports after bladder removal

I'm a 67 year old male. I had my bladder removed 6 days ago due to type 2 muscle invasive bladder cancer. I now have an outside ostomy bag. He said the surgery went well and I was released 2 days ago after 4 nights in the hospital. During surgery the doctor removed 25 lymph nodes to send for biopsy. Just before I was discharged from the hospital, the doctor came by and told me he had bad news from the biopsies. He said of the 25 lymph nodes they examined they found cancer in two of them. He said a scan before surgery showed no spread to other organs so I'm guessing I'm now Stage 3 since he found it in the lymph nodes. He mentioned there is a new immunotherapy option available but some people take it and some don't. Does this mean I'm terminal and there are no other options available ? I did have 4 rounds of chemo (cisplatin) before surgery and he said the tumor responded well and got smaller. Does this mean I can't have more chemo ? Can they not remove more lymph nodes in this area ? Anyone have an idea of how much longer I might live ?

  1. I must first say I am not medically trained. That seems a very short time in hospital for the surgery. So first of all well done in all you have achieved so far. It will probably take further scans to see if it has gone beyond the lymph nodes. I know immunotherapy is common in these circumstances. Wishing you all the luck in the world. Laura, Moderator,

    1. @Laura Mackenzie - we have rehabs everywhere. They are normally for people who may need further care but do not need as much as a hospital provides such as PT. Or they live alone and need to have some care but not as extensive, prior to going home on their own. I have never needed one but I know many people who go to the places for a few days usually post surgery as a step down from hospitals. Linda Urbanski ( moderator, team member)

    2. Definitely a great idea. I know they are common in Germany for example too. Laura, Moderator,

  2. @jimbob - have you had a follow up with your doctor yet? I hope that you find the answers that you need soon or that you are able to contact the doctor prior to an appt. Unfortunately everyone's case is different so it would be difficult for us to respond to your particular situation. My suggestion is to reach out for answers right away as clearly these things cause added stress. Try not to think the worst but reach out to your doctor soon as too much general information online can add to your stress and it may not be your case at all. Please keep us updated. Linda ( moderator, team member)

    1. Thats the million dollar question. Docs usually throw statistics based on five year survivial rates. Really anybody's guess. I'm very lucky in my BC has been very mimimal. I have read accounts from all you warriors and I am so impressed by your courage and amazed to see how much a human body can with stand. I have stage IV prostate cancer since 2008-cant even keep track of the years now. Keep fighting-they (docs) are pretty good at what they do. DanFranke, team member, Bladder cancer .net.

      1. @jimbob - I do not consider the statistics when going through something like this. Who really knows where we fall in that spectrum so why even go there. Assume that there will continually be new testing and treatments and that we will benefit from those. One a lighter note - my daughters remind me that only the good die young so I will be here a long time........Take each day as a gift and do not worry about tomorrow. Please keep us updated and know that we are all sending hugs, prayers and good thoughts your way. I hope that you are able to get answers soon. My best always. Linda Urbanski ) moderator, team member)

    2. how are you doing today? Laura, Moderator,

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