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Black specs in urine

I do not have a diagnosis. Has anyone experienced black flakes in their urine? It started months ago maybe a year. It was only every few weeks. Then every week. As of now its almost daily. Ive researched it and I'm afraid what it sounds like. I know its not a uti or kidney stones. I just completed a 24hr urine test last week as I already have Iga N and FSGS kidney disease. My appointment last week I brought some of the flakes and the Dr believes it to be blood. And when I try fishing some out of the toilet some crush up red. Ive taken pictures many times if anyone would like me to post one. It is urine in a toilet so just dont want to gross anyone out. But can post a pic. Im also just feeling ill with bladder, groin, pelvic, and flank pain that has increased as well. I have pain meds but not helping. Any help would be appreciated. I dont have insurance either Bottomline I'm down in hole scared of what I think it is. At 44 I became a grandfather and I turn 46 in June. He is the sweetest boy and I want to see him grow up. Thanks for listening

  1. - We are not medical professionals and therefore do not provide medical advice. Have you received any further information from your doctor from the tests? Are you going to a urologist or a GP? If you are not seeing a urologist but assume that with kidney issues you already are. The sooner you are provided a diagnosis the sooner you can work with your medical team on how to move forward. As for insurance, have you looked into the Affordable care act? I believe it is open enrollment until the end of August this year. Please keep us updated. My best to you. Linda ( moderator, team member)

    1. Hi , I wanted to check-in and see how you've been. Were you able to get answers to the flakes in your urine? Hoping for the best. - Jada ( team member)

      1. hi. How are you getting on? Laura, Moderator,

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