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Cancer Comes Home Once More

I'm mad today. I'm a 13 year cancer veteran (prostate and bladder) and been beat up pretty good-but okay. Now my daughter has breast cancer and looking at double mastectomy and chemo-not wanting her to follow my path at all. I will pray shes good and will fight through like me. Just didnt wany my loved ones to have to face this monster.

  1. That is really a low blow - it's bad enough for one person in a family to have cancer, but kids too, that is too much. Hopefully your daughter will do well with surgery and chemo. At least she knows what to expect from watching your treatment. Best of luck to your whole family.

    1. @Dan Franke Sending prayers your way and praying for the very best for all of your family. Life certainly is not fair sometimes as you show with your post. Keep us posted please. My best to all. Linda ( moderator, team member)

  2. Thank you. Shes a trooper and knows its beatable.

    1. I am sorry to hear this Dan. I send positive thoughts to you all and hope your daughter has successful treatment and quick recovery. Laura, Moderator,

      1. She goes for surgery tomorrow. Just one side for now as covid is causing concerns over long stays. Prays for her appreciated. Dont like cancer much in any form. Danf.

        1. @Dan Franke - Definitely sending prayers her way and support to both of you. Please keep us updated on how she is doing and know that you both are in our thoughts. My best always, Linda ( moderator, team member)

        2. Hi. How did your daughter get on? Hopefully she is gently starting to recover. Wishing you both well. Laura, Moderator,

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