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Diet and bladder cancer

I was wondering if anyone knows if u have to be on a special diet for bladder cancer. I’m halfway through my bcg immunotherapy therapy and I havnt been given any information regarding my diet.
Does anyone halve any ideas or suggestions?

  1. @CommunityMember10a803 - Prior to my bladder cancer diagnosis it was suggest that I remove spicy, acidic and caffeinated items from my diet as they might be aggravating my bladder. I would suggest asking your doctor if you should avoid anything in particular during treatments and possibly after also. Have you noticed any effects following treatments that might indicate an issue with foods or beverages? I did not have BCG treatment so I am not able to specific respond to your question with personal experience but I would say that if you notice anything that seems to cause problems, it might be wise to remove it from your diet and see if things change. My best to you. Linda Urbanski (moderator, team member)

    1. hi. How are you getting on? This might be useful to read. Laura, Moderator,

      1. What a great question! Very few people consider what diet impacts there are to our fight against cancer.
        You correctly ID BCG as immunotherapy, and amping up your immune system to support that therapy is important. I've looked into several regiments since I had a recurrence (after 9 BCG treatments) and those regiments involve what to eat to boost your immune system (loads of organic fresh fruits and vegetables, green smoothies and clean fish) and what not to eat because they are carcinogenic (processed foods, pork, excess red meats, vegetable oils.). If you want more on that, let me know.
        Lastly, stay positive and have others pray for you! God Bless!

        1. great advice for others thank you. Hope you are well. Laura, Moderator,

        2. thank you for this input! As others, I agree that what we put into our body is so important. I admittedly need to be better about this, as I do tend to eat some pork and vegetable oils. I do love a good olive oil in my cast iron skillet! Thank you for this important reminder. All my best, Charles (

      2. I had the very same question for my urologist when I began my BCG treatments. (Nine installations so far, six then three, with one NED cystoscopy and another scheduled next month). Because I believe healthy eating is paramount with any healing, I was hoping for specific suggestions, but of course no food is a silver bullet. As another poster observed, bolstering the immune system is recommended. My urologist recommended I eat adequate protein, but I'm a vegetarian, so that means a variety of fresh fruits and veggies, nuts, legumes and avoiding sugar and empty calories. Selenium strengthens the immune system and there are lots of good sources. I'm eating more mushrooms and brazil nuts. If nothing else, it feels empowering to take an active part in one's cancer journey. Best of luck to you!

        1. Thanks for that info. I have an appointment with a nutritionist tomorrow so hopefully she can guide me with my food options. I will post an update on here which will maybe help some other people in the same situation.
          Good luck to you too🙂

        2. good luck with appointment that would be great if you could post for others. Take care, Laura, Moderator,

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