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Early recursion of bladder cancer - within 2 moths of TURBT operation

Hi Friend,

I was diagnosed with superficial bladder cancer (Ta) 2 moths back - low grade. I got operated TURBT and doctors removed the tumor.

Now, after 2 months the tumor again came back (size 0.5mm)

If anyone has such early recurrence?

What could be the reason?
Can it change to high grade?
Is it Muscle invasive?

I am 40 years male living in India.

Thank you.

  1. Hi thanks for reaching out. While I do hope our community members respond with their personal experiences, I would definitely encourage you to reach out to your doctor, if you haven't done so already. They would know your situation the best and can hopefully help answer your questions. We will be thinking of you. Jill, team

    1. Hi Krish, so sorry to hear the tumor is growing back. I just had my TURBT and had a tumor similar to yours, Ta noninvasive, and it was all removed. My urologist is having me do 6 weeks of chemo (1 dose every week) in my bladder to make sure any leftover cancer cells are killed.
      I'm no expert and I'm VERY new to all of this, but I know a lot of people get chemo/BCG immediately after their TURBT. I would just talk with your doctor and come up with a treatment plan!

      1. Thank you for your reply. I hope this time also its Ta for me. Lets see. Only after TURBT I will come to know in few days.

        1. Update:

          I have cystoscopy and TURBT on 8th Aug, 2023. Biopsy report shows
          1. Negative for Malignancy (No Cancer)
          2. Some distorted scar with calcification

          After seeing the report doctor told:
          1. Its was scar from 1st TURBT, and not cancer this time
          2. Next appointment is after 3 months to recheck again - doctor told I may get a bigger scar next time

          So this is good news for me as Cancer is not back rather it was a post operative change of 1st TURBT.

          1. that is great and thanks for keeping us updated. I hope you continue to feel well. Jill, team

          2. Awesome! Happy for your good report!

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