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Exercise after bladder removal.

I had bladder removal surgery 5 months ago. Does anyone know how long I should wait before doing more strenuous exercise ? I've been walking since right after surgery. I'd like to start riding my bicycle, rake leaves, and start picking up heavier items around the house. Before surgery my doctor told me I would eventually be able to do anything except scuba dive. I'd also like to start playing golf again. But I don't see any way my bag will stay on after a full golf swing. Plus. it seems like this would put too much pressure on the stoma.

  1. I am not medically trained. I would say always take medical advice about exercise if unsure. At around 5 months on, riding a bike should be possible. I would think about wearing a support vest or underwear to help to protect your stoma and keep things in place - otherwise should be good.
    I have a friend with a stoma and he plays golf without issue. He wears the flange extenders/ bananas around his bag to help it to be extra secure. Hope this helps. My husband is a big golfer. In fact I sometimes feel like a golf widow lol 😆 Wishing you well. Hope you get back to your golf. Let us know how you go. Laura, Moderator,

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