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Extreme joint pain after 9th BCG installation

Hello All,
I am a 47 year old female. I worked in a printing plant for years and smoked 2 years in my early twenties. My cancer is a mystery to doctors because of my age, it actually prevented my diagnosis for at least a year. I had 2 scraps and I am one week out from my 9th BCG. I have been having extreme joint pain and I can’t grip anything and walking is very painful. I am a single momma and have to keep working to keep us afloat. I’m on my feet all day. My question is if anyone here has had this type of pain after BCG? I asked for this instead of having my bladder removed because I have to have income and I can’t, not work. I don’t know if it’s spreading or if I am having a bad reaction. My doctor is blowing me off and very defensive when I ask him. So here I am asking all of you.
Thank you for any information!

  1. Hi I can hear how uncomfortable this is for you. I can understand that this pain is such a burden on you as you continue to be on your feet all day. Since we are all unique, are side effects vary from person to person. I am sending you over an article from one of our advocates with their personal experience: You deserve the right to ask your doctor questions and they need to know how you are feeling. Is there someone else you can speak to in their office, perhaps a nurse? I really hope you can get relief and the answers you deserve. I will be thinking of you. Jill, team

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