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Frequent urgency to urinate after TURBT

Hi everyone,
Almost 2 weeks ago I had TURBT. I feel fine except constant urgent to urinate. I'm taking antibiotics, painkillers, Lactobacillus and antispasmodics. But nothing is helping much. It's really hard for me to even go outside for more than 30 minutes... Is it normal symptom? Did anyone have that problem? I'm 23 years old.
Thanks for any advices

  1. Kita - I am so sorry that you are dealing with these issues and at such a young age. I cannot provide medical advice but would suggest contacting your doctor and explaining the issues. Drinking lots of water is important each and every day so to make sure you are doing so. It might be of value to check into the side effects of the medications you are taking also. Your medical team should hopefully be able to provide you with some answers. My best to you. Linda ( moderator, team member)

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