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Gemcitabine vs BCG

Can someone tell me why some doctors use Gemcitabine and some use the BCG. I am taking the Gemcitabine, but I notice that more people talk about their doctor using the BCG.

  1. A year ago i had Gemcitabine 6 treatments but it didnt help so now i am getting BCG .So far had 6 then 3 now in Oct i have 3 more.

    1. I had bcg treatments kept getting reacurrences tried gemcitabine also failed had RC in November going well now Cance free

      1. Thanks for sharing your experience, @shakey. So glad to hear you're cancer-free since having your RC. ~Liz, Moderator

      2. Shakey - Happy to hear that you are doing well. Please make sure to keep vigilant with post RC testing as that is very important. Great news for you, Linda ( moderator, team member)

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