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going to the boys room 7 weeks after TURBT

Ok this is probably a guy thing but perhaps some women have similar issues as well. After 7 weeks of recovery from my first TURBT it's still a bit tricky urinating. It doesn't feel like it did before surgery. In other words it still hasn't gone back to what I remember as normal. It doesn't actually hurt, but it burns a bit and stings and it feels after the first few seconds of urination as if it might accelerate to a pain level but then just as quickly it's fine again. It also often feels like it's coming out too fast but then goes back fairly quickly into what used to be a familiar flow. It seems to have improved somewhat but is definitely not as comfortable as it used to be before surgery. also the stream can suddenly go off in a wild direction which can be annoying although it comes back to normal rather quickly. Are these sorts of things normal? Curious as to whether any of you out there have had similar issues.

  1. I would speak with your doctor. I lost a prostate and had minor BC with Turbt several years ago. Still leak with exertion and now pee it seems like every 24 minutes. Lol Good luck and heal well. DanFranke, team member,

    1. Thanks Dan-- I just sent them an email. Thanks for sharing your experience. Cheers

    2. what a brave and generous response! Thank you for sharing and being an invaluable member of the Team! All my best, Charles (Moderator /

  2. @brulew - Speaking from a woman's perspective, I did not have issues post TURBT but I also had not had any other treatments etc except the cysto. My 2nd TURBT was also uneventful but I feel that was all react differently with treatments, tests etc. Our bladders definitely take a beating and some fare better than others. I hope that things improve and you get back to normal soon. My best Linda Urbanski ( moderator, team member)

    1. thank you for asking this question! This is something I have wondered myself. Although I was a caregiver and not the patient, I always wondered if exertion would lead to leakage. Mom experienced that, but she had been experiencing urgency and incontinence for years prior to the bladder cancer diagnosis. My opinion is her urethral cells were whacky from the start and eventually would progress to the cancer she experienced, simply from living long enough. Who knows, though? Mom did experience much discomfort and urgency after each TURBT. I agree with Linda, we are all different. Hoping things progress well for you! All my best, Charles (Moderator /

      1. also, wanted to suggest the possibility that minor bladder spasms could be the cause of your stream changes and minor pains? I am not a doctor, but it might be worth floating by your doctors. All the best, Charles (Moderator /

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