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Granuloma from BCG?

Has anybody ever had an infection from BCG treatment?

  1. Yes. Granuloma. Just had a MRI. And it’s still there. My urologist says it’s from the BCG. Just kinda frustrating that the treatment gave me this and my cancer was high grade and now I can’t do my maintenance treatments for now

    1. I had a granuloma prior to starting BCG from tb exposure while working in health care. We determined the risk was outweighed by the benefits.

  2. I developed BCG cystitis after maintenance BCG treatments and it has lasted almost three months. A cysto showed 25% of my bladder lining is inflamed. One course of the antibiotic lexofloxican helped some. Currently taking another round at half dose. I did three early morning AFB urine tests to rule out an active Tb infection which is quite rare. The smear was negative. Waiting on the culture results.

    1. @carlag - sorry that you are having these effects and I hope that things improve. Hopefully the meds will help and your bladder lining will heal. Unfortunately things do take time. My best to you. Linda ( moderator, team member)

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