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just diagnosed with Bladder Cancer and Lymph Nodes are cancerous also

i am a very active 75 year old that just is dealing with this nasty cancer since mid January. It has turned my live upside down and having real problems dealing with it from within. With the family i and pretty positive. i have become very edgy. Not sure how to deal with internal adn external struggles. My wife passed a year and a half ago so pretty much on my own. I am surrounded with great friends but i keep everything close to the vest with them.

  1. Hi , I am so sorry to hear how hard things have been both physically and mentally. I understand how lonely it can be, especially after losing your wife. I'm glad you have good family and friends around, have you been able to show them the less positive side of you? Having that openness could help allow them to provide you some extra support. You mentioned external struggles. Could you explain some more I will absolutely try my best to help!

    1. - I am so sorry that you are struggling but rest assured you are not alone. Having such a diagnosis can rock our world but we are here to help and support you through this journey. I understand that it may be difficult to open up to others but sometimes sharing your challenges can help and others can provide possible solutions. What are the struggles are you having if you do not mind me asking? We all face different challenges so yours may differ from others. My best - Linda ( moderator, BladderCancer.net team member)

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