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Has anyone had their kidney removed due to bladder cancer?

I have had bladder cancer for two years. 12 chemotherapy, 30 radiation treatments, 7 immunotherapy treatments and 9 BCG treatments.
I was supposed to have my bladder the 26th of this month. I wanted to make sure that my left kidney and ureter were cancer free. The kidney is working at 29%. Went in the operating room for doctor to check it out. Well my left ureter is full of carcinoma in situ so it has been the source of my cancer. I am having the kidney and ureter removed after they go up and check my right side if it has no cancer.
Has anyone had their kidney removed due to bladder cancer? If so what can I expect as far as operation and recovery?

  1. hi there. I don’t have any personal experience but here is something shared by someone who did. Perhaps you could reach out to them? Wishing you well. Laura, Moderator,

    1. I had two separate cancers bladder and left kidney and ureter - had complete before Kidney and ureter removal. Several surgeries on reoccurring small bladder tumors and the bladder cancer metasticized in my lungs last year.

      1. @Spomes55 - Thank you for sharing this personal information. You certainly have been through a lot. I am sorry to read that your cancer has spread. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Sending hugs your way. Please keep us posted on how you are doing. My best to you. Linda Urbanski ( moderator, team member)

      2. so sorry to hear of all you have been through. Sending positive vibes your way. We are here anytime to support you any way we can. Laura, Moderator,

    2. 2020 I fell so bad I couldn't get up ,

      Rushed in for a cystscopy TURBT Removing tumor and biopsies
      Sent home with a bag to collect my bloody urine. 4 times that year
      Stent in right ureter 4 times
      Biopsies come back high-grade renal cell bladder cancer
      also in ureter
      Treatment BCG
      eight BCG treatments made me so sick I thought I was going to die then a rest and then three more BCG treatments
      Another cystoscope and biopsies again telling me that things are calm down and they see no cancer
      that only lasted for three months another urogram More growths on the CT scan back in for another TURBT
      I was BCG refractive, it did not work
      go in for another cystoscope with biopsises another stent ..
      Then we start chemotherapy, gecemibine , 6 treatments instilled in my bladder We wait three weeks go in another cystoscope with biopsies
      now they see Which they did not see before
      kidney cancer
      right kidney cancer
      Now my doctor wanted to remove everything kidney ,ureter ,bladder ,uterus, ovaries
      Enough is enough
      3 more specialist I went to and then one more specialist to finally came up with a good plan. all during covid
      4 robotic surgery to remove my kidney and ureter .
      my bladder cancer was 0 stage.. no invasions. it was saved by Dr. T
      not going to play light of this the surgery was hell I thought I thought i was was gonna die but the outcome after 8 treatments of gecimibene/ docetaxel instilled in my bladder separately has proven to right now cure my bladder cancer
      All the outlining parameters of my kidney were zero for any cancer cells that might have invaded . which they did not .
      My doctor in Pennsylvania saved my bladder and basically save my life always get other opinions always read always investigate
      look for the best treatments but kidney cancer only goes through the kidney wall and to the rest of your body . If you're lucky and your tumors you can have them abelated
      it's not something to play .
      My falling down and hurting myself saved me

      1. you have had quite a time of it. You have experience that would for sure help others going through this. If you would consider sharing your story with us, you can do so here, it would be much appreciated. Laura, Moderator,

    3. I had 3 separate sites of bladder cancer. 3 surgeries to remove the tumors and then gcb treatments 3 times after all surgeries. 3 years ago I was told I have left side kidney cancer that was starting to move into the ureter. The kidney hand tube had to come out. I had sailed through 3 bladder surgeries so I thought there wouldn't be any major problems going after the kidney. I almost died. Doctor decided it would be best to treat with chemo first, the have the big surgery. I had my first if what was supposed to be 30 treatments, went into toxic shock, had 3 grand mall seizures that broke both my shoulders that needed to be replaced with metal,and nearly died before they could figure out what the hell happened. All within a week. I woke up 8 days later and had to stay in hospital a whole month while I learned to move my nearly paralyzed arms again. After a month they let me go home and recover. I lost 20 pounds real fast. 2 months later the kidney came out along with the ureter. I still couldn't move my arms yet. Trying to get up and out of bed every day was mindblowingly painful. I then had 13 staples through my bellybutton and I blew 3 hernias in the belly that turned into 1 big one that started to cut off my breathing. My belly button just had the staples out and they had to go right back in and cut through that scar where the pulled the kidney our and did a massive hernia repair with mesh. That was 2 years ago. I now have 3 nudules in my left lung they are watching. In the meantime, my sisters and other parts of my family were doing DNA testing for specific cancer markers. Come to find out all seven of my cancers are related to having Lynch syndrome which is a genetic family connection to all kinds of cancers. It blew them away it, it blew the doctors away, it blows me away. I skipped over so much. This really is the condensed version. I also had my gallbladder out because of this cancer syndrome, along with my uterus and an ovary. All separate surgeries at different times in my life. You know what? I have been through so much, I don't think anything scares me any more. Yes I will have more cancers, yes I will probably loose more organs. I ain't afraid. Not even a little bit. Y'all take care, and always keep up in your testings and screenings. @

      1. @Theresa 57 - You certainly have been through a great deal and yet you still have an amazing attitude. I hope that things calm down considerably for you as you certainly need a big break from medical issues. Sending hugs and prayers your way!! My best Linda Urbanski ( moderator, team member)

      2. @Spomes55 thank you so much for sharing your amazing history. You are so brave! I cannot image what you have been through, and to be brave enough to share that so openly. My hat is off to you.

        How did you cultivate such a positive, powerful attitude? Do you think you had to go through the suffering you did to get to this level of empowerment, or were you an empowered individual all along?

        My Mom's experiences were not as intense as yours, and yet we were all completely overwhelmed. I lost 30 pounds myself, although I don't know when or how because I was too busy caregiving.

        I am so sorry to hear your cancer as spread. I think I would be completely overwhelmed, so I hope to glean as much strength from your conviction as possible! Please keep us updated, that we may all be empowered by the amazing person you are.

        All the best, Charles (Moderator /

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