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Leaking from a urostomy pouch

Hello everyone! I haven't posted for awhile. And I just want to thank everyone who was so kind in checking up on my past posts about my father when I first posted.

My father was diagnosed with stage 2 bladder cancer back October 2022. From there the tumor was removed and bladder and prostate removal took place in June 2023.

My father's only option was the urostomy pouch Which we heard good things about. Unfortunately we seem to have run into a rather large road block. Leaking.

My mother changes his bag for him for right now and sadly his bag will leak a good 5- 6 times a day. He's feeling very discouraged. Everyone told him he would be able to go back to a normal everyday life but sadly he's afraid to leave the couch for fear of his bag leaking.

Any advice or encouragement is extremely appreciated. Thank you all so much.


  1. Hi thanks for reaching out. I can understand that this is very discouraging for your father. It must be so hard for him to build his confidence back with this continual issue. Have you (or your dad or mom) had a chance to talk to his doctor about this? They may want him back in for a check up or at least have some suggestions to help. I really hope this can get resolved. We will be thinking of your family. Jill, team

    1. Hi Jill. Hi doctors can't really help with this. Do you have access to an ostomy/stoma nurse? Firstly important to understand where the leak is coming from - always the same place? Sometimes, especially at first, stoma changes size - is the bag cut to correct size? It might be worth getting samples of other bags. Is the skin sore? Some stoma powder may help and improve the seal. Hope things improve. Things do usually settle down.

  2. - I know how frustrating leaks can be but know that they are common in the beginning. Have you reached out to the various companies for samples? Hollister, Convatec, Coloplast etc? It may be just finding the correct bag. Also the area between the stoma and edge of the wafer ( barrier) should be minimal - as urine can tend to collect there and that will loosen up the wafer. May I ask if he has a stoma that sticks or an innie - that is either flush or sits below the skin? I suggest seeing a stoma nurse as they should easily be able to help find the correct bag system. Also a convex wafer is often a style that helps with this issue. I highly suggest reaching out to Coloplast customer service as they are wonderful with this type of issue if you do not have a local stoma nurse available. Coloplast will work with you over the phone and send out samples immediately. I wish you the best

    1. Hi and thank you all for your replies collins48 is my daughter and she's been helping us with so much we did end up changing companies and we went with Hollister and I must say so far it's been wonderful his bag is holding strong I only pray that it continues we're using a new wafer system with barrier extenders and a cera ring and that seems to be the ticket thank you all again for your help and ideas much love Samantha68

      1. I am so glad to hear and I hope this continues for him. Jill, team

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