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Muscle invasive bladder cancer

Hi, my mum was diagnosed a year ago, there is no treatment she can have, they gave her palliative radiation which really helped all the effects of bladder cancer, we live in Spain so the language barrier makes it a bit frustrating sometimes. Is there anyone that can tell us or me really what to expect, she is on long term antibiotics but the infections keep coming back now and the doctor this time did not give mum any extra antibiotics just kept to on the same ones, it's so hard not knowing what to expect.

  1. hi. So sorry you are both going through this. I am unfortunately not medically trained. Each case will be different and they will assess the benefit virus side effects of any medication prescribed. I would see if you could maybe get someone to translate and then speak to the medical team and express your concern about the repeated infections despite the antibiotics. We are always here as a community to support you anyway we can. Thinking of you. Let us know how you get on. Greetings from Scotland. Laura, Moderator,

    1. Thank you so much, I don't know what happens in the UK in this situation but mum does not see any consultants any more we just plod along she has palliative care but have not seen anyone, or if you phone no one answer the phone, she has not had a scan for about 7 months not sure if that is normal or do we push for more, I would like to know what is happening not sure mum does, xxx

      1. Gill obviously Covid has made things more challenging but definitely in the UK she would have seen more people including a consultant. I would push for more. Laura, Moderator,

    2. With the language barrier how did the doctors there speak about her diagnosis and why there is no treatment available ? I'd be very concerned in a foreign country that your mum isnt receiving the care she should be getting.

      1. @Gill - Sending prayers to your mother and you and your family. I am hoping that the medications your mother is on will have positive effects and she will feel better. Please keep us updated and know that you are in our thoughts. Linda Urbanski ( moderator, team member)

    3. Hi, we took a translator, but I thi k you are right, I am sure my mum would have been offered more treatment in the UK, but we live here and would be very hard to go ack and forth, she is 82, and has COPD, the doctor came out yesterday she has a pain in her left side, she is now on a very low dose morphine patch, and he did give her a high dose of antibiotics she feels a bit better today, when she has a urine infection it does bring her down, I did ask the doctor how much time she had left he would not say at first but said it would be months, xx

      1. take things day by day and step by step. We are here to support you both any way we can. Take care. Laura, Moderator,

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