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My wafer leaks

I am lucky to get three days from a put on. I heat the wafer before putting it on. What a mess.
Any help would be appreciated. I empty the bag often so it never gets too heavy. I need help!

  1. hi. Have you tried flange extenders or tape to secure the bag? Is your stoma below the surface of the skin? Then rings may help. That said 3 days is not bad before a change. Laura, Moderator,

    1. @Brenda - Does your stoma stick out from your abdomen or is it retraced a bit? If you do not currently use convex wafers/barriers, I suggest trying those. Also pay attention to where you are leaking - such as 3 6 or 9 o"clock on the edge. It is easier to figure out how to correct the leaking problem when you have a better idea where the issue is. It can definitely be frustrating at first but you will figure it out. I do not heat up my wafer but hold it in place for 30 - 60 seconds after putting the wafer and bag on. I suggest trying different options of the above as well as different samples of bag systems that you can get from the suppliers to try for free. Or call Hollister or Coloplast customer service at they are extremely helpful with leaking issues. My best to you. Linda ( moderator, team member)

      1. I have tried both companies. I use the extenders. It leaks in different places. I use the rings as well. I have a nurse who visits every three days or earlier if it leaks. It is a big mess to clean up when it leaks. Clothes and bed sheets and soaker pads.
        I use the ceremide

        1. like Linda says if stoma is below or just at surface, you should consider convex bags to help. Stoma paste may also help to help fill any gaps. You can also try breaking bits of the rings and re-shaping to the shape you need. Laura, Moderator,

        2. @Brenda - I am sorry that you are still having leaking issues. Because they are in different areas it makes my wonder if the problem is the wafer not sticking to your skin properly and maybe the skin is not completely dry. I found that when I had leaking issues at the beginning it was pretty much in the same area and therefore easier to find a solution. Is your stoma nurse giving you different options such as bags, rings, etc? I quit using the rings and that worked for me. Unfortunately we all seem to have different challenges when it comes to finding the perfect bag system. I hope that you are able to find a solution even if it is just the need to change every other day. Please keep us updated on how things are going. My best to you. Linda ( moderator, team member)

      2. Thanks

        1. how are you doing? Have you found any products to help? Laura, Moderator,

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