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New here, looking for similar stories

My Significant other has been having gross hematuria for a week. He was started on antibiotics for suspected UTI. He had an ultrasound yesterday which showed suspected urothelial neoplasia with multiple masses and the largest measuring 4.4cm on the outside of the bladder wall looking vascular. Now we await referral to urologist for cytoscope. Has any one else had anything similar? I'm concerned that these masses are on the outside of the wall, hoping they didn't come from inside?? Any insight or experience with similar findings?

  1. Hi I am glad you reached out. I am sure this has been very overwhelming for both you and your partner. I do hope our community members respond here with their personal experiences. Did they give you an indication of when he may be able to get the cytoscope? I hope they can get him in soon. Jill, team

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