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New to bladder cancer

Just had turbt & waiting for biopsy results. Dr said he believed it was caught very early. Was having a cystoscopy for a stubborn kidney stone in my bladder. Only 50 years old. My family needs me & I am scared to death. Can I actually survive this?

  1. Hi my heart goes out to you, I can hear how scared you are. Did the doctor say when you would get the biopsy results? Waiting is so hard. Please keep us posted. We are here for you! I am so glad you found our community. We are all here to support each other. If you get a chance, look through the stories and forums, I hope this will help you. You are not alone. Jill, team

    1. I am 48 and I was diagnosed in February 2023. The initial waiting for the lab results was the hardest part. I went through the same scary thoughts about need to be around for my family and having my life turned upside down. It sounds like the initial feedback from your doctor was encouraging. The lab results will be key to determining the stage/grade of the cancer and what treatment options will be available. Keep in mind that the majority of bladder cancer cases are treatable with good outcomes. Wishing you good news with your lab results!

      1. Hi LouP, wishing you all the best. I am 40 years old, have a kid 3 years old. I got detected bladder cancer 5 moths back. Its was low grade initial stage. They did the operation and now its check up every 3 months. So far so good.

        Its hard to find it out initially. But please be strong you can fight it out.

        All the best.


        1. Any update, hope everything is fine and wish you good luck.

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