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Can life be normal again after radical bladder removal?

Can life ever be normal again. I am 71 and play tennis and golf regularly. Will I be able to do this if I have my bladder removed and don’t opt for a neobladder?

  1. Hi Andy, I'm am also vey active and the thought of having to remove my bladder also concerned me hugely. Fortunately I've not been in the position where I've had to look at this option. What I can say without doubt is that any procedure linked to the removal of the bladder is going to be a life changing event. I've spoke with plenty of people who have gone through a radical diversion and most have not lived with regrets and are happy, even years later with the decision made. Living with a diversion will never be same has life before the procedure based on the changes you will have to make. However most people adapt relatively quickly to this and life for them becomes a different kind of normal! One of our members Shirley who lives with a 'stoma' is very active and travels all over the world. I think you will find that there will not be much change in continuing most of your activities. If I ever had to consider the removal of my bladder I can take some comfort from all those that have had the procedure done and are still taking advantage of all life's benefits. I do hope Andy that you get more feedback on this subject, particularly from those living with a radical bladder diversion. Take care - Noel, ( Team Member)

    1. Thank you Noel. I haven’t been told that I have to have my bladder removed but it is difficult not to speculate. I hope to get more answers as I would like to know if it is possible to play tennis and golf afterwards.
      Best wishes from the UK

      1. Well, my life is as "normal" as it's going to get, two years after RC. I work and do everything I want to do, but my energy doesn't seem to last as long as "before" RC. Every night I am reminded when I hook my night bag up to my pouch, and then think "well, at least I'm still here to grouse about it". Life is good and I don't take any of the days for granted any more. It's not the same normal, but I'll take whatever normality I have and be thankful for it.

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